10th Annual Song Writing Competition

It's Finally Here!!! We are thrilled to finally announce the 10th Annual KSM Songwriting Competition!!!

This year things will be done a little differently! The first major change is that we will be changing over to an online competition this year. This way we can allow as many participants as possible to join in on the fun.

The second change is that we have expanded the competition to allow for full bands to enter and compete!

So how do you enter? Here's the simple three step process!
1. Record a video of yourself or your band playing a song.
2. Post your video of your song to the Soundfactory Musician's Gathering Place Facebook Group! (This is a public Facebook Group for musicians that is linked in our Facebook page)
3. Title the post "KSM Songwriter's Competition Entry," write the name of your song, and list your name, and the names of any other performers in the video. Now you're done!

So, what are the rules?
1. Any resident of Utah or Idaho may enter the competition.
2. Contestants must have written the song performed in the video.
3. Any genre or style is allowed, but it must be family friendly. (Your metal band can still enter, just keep the language and subject matter appropriate. 🎸)
4. Contestants have from June 10th, 2020 til August 14th, 2020 to enter!
5. All winners must show proof of Utah or Idaho residency.
6. Final contestants will be narrowed down to the top 20% by the staff at KSM. The Top 20% of contest entires will be judged by Soundfactory Teachers or approved artists. (Judges TBA)

So, what are the Prizes?
1st place wins a Teton Acoustic Guitar!
2nd place wins an Ernie Ball Dream Bundle, (six packs of strings, a tool set, a hat, and more!)
3rd Place wins a $50 KSM Gift Card and an accessory pack!
All contestants are also eligible to receive a free T-Shirt, but you must come pick it up in the store while supplies last so hurry in! T-shirsts will be available June 30th.

We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Please share this with your musical friends and we'll be looking forward to seeing your submissions!

KSM Songwriting Competition