14th Annual Song Writing Competition

KSM Songwriters Competition Unplugged

Saturday, May 25th @ 1:00pm – Main Competition

Monday, May 27th @ 1:00pm - Final, top 6 from May 25th

Both Events Are Held At KSM Music


-Must be an original song

-Up to 3 performers in a group

-Acoustic instruments only with the exception of a keyboard

-Hand percussion can be used

-KSM will have acoustic guitars and a keyboard for your use; though you're welcome to bring your own instrument.

-Effects pedals and loopers are allowed to be used in performances

-Top 6 from May 25th competition will be picked to play again on Monday, May 27th; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded.  

Prizes: Prizes are to be announced.

Contestants will be judged on:

Stage Presence (appearance, ownership of the stage/confidence)

Performance (poise, in full control of music)



Note accuracy / Pitch




14th Songwriters Competiton final