About Us

KSM Music is a full-service retail music store in downtown Logan, Utah. We specialize in sales, service and repair of all musical instruments and accessories. We buy, sell and repair all types of musical instruments including: guitars, basses, drums, horns, woodwinds and many others. Call or come by the store for estimates and other information about these services.

As well as a retail store we offer music lessons for all ages at our in-house facilities called the KSM SoundFactory.

We are Cache Valley’s hub for the local music scene and community events. We sponsored our famous demolition derby for over 18 years, and continue to sponsor many events throughout the year, including music events and community efforts.

Our in-store bulletin board is always full of local musicians posting “players wanted” ads and other community events posters. We pride ourselves in being a place where young and old musicians can share ideas and participate in the local music community. We often sponsor in-store open-mic jams for our customers.

Kevin Moore
Chris Hampton
General Manager
Amanda Allen
Dave Kirkham
Repair Technician
Jon Starn
Product Specialist
Courtney Morgan
Product Specialist
Lucas Nivison
Web Developer/Product Specialist
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Jose Ayala
Brass / Woodwind Specialist